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July 18, 2013

By Kate Cushing

NEW YORK - With fallout from the attack of the Lizard and the unpredictable nature of Spider-Man still pelting City Hall, sources in the Mayor’s office have quietly questioned whether the New York City Police Department is capable of protecting the citizenry from escalating superhuman threats.

The late Captain George Stacy’s Major Crimes Unit had been tasked with the increased activity in organized crime, but off-the-record informants claim that the squad may have to pivot to begin planning for more bizarre terrorist assaults. Detective Stan Carter, acting chief of the MCU, denied the report, stating, “All of our forces remain united and focused on the Russian mob activity in Brooklyn and the growing rumors of a ‘Big Man’ who is trying to consolidate organized crime in Manhattan. That’s the ball George would have wanted us to keep our eye on. All the other science fiction stuff can be left to the tabloids.”

Stacy’s death has also called into question the city’s ability to monitor the research of corporations like Oscorp. Many have wondered how such a disastrous incident could take place at the headquarters of one of the world’s most premiere companies. After all, Oscorp is publicly known for scientific advancement, but the citizens of NY are left asking themselves what goes on behind closed doors…

A spokesperson for Oscorp Industries refused to comment on the record.