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February 20, 2014

We asked our readers how they thought Spider-Man got his powers. You answered by email, text, blog, and even a brick through the window (please refrain from that in the future). Here’s what you had to say:

Flash T., Flushing

“He’s probably just a regular guy who got his powers by accident. Who cares? What really matters is what he’s doing with them now that he has them, right? Spidey’s keeping the streets clean and sticking up for everyday New Yorkers. He’s showing us we gotta stick up for ourselves, too. He saved us from the Lizard in our High School and no matter who he turns out to be, I’m always going to be on his side.”

Is Spider-Man an alien from another planet? Are his webs natural or supernatural? Your thoughts, your words, your paper! Submit here!